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Don't use bots (automated programs) regularly. The server performance is limited, and people suffer from high loads! You should use a local OCR engine if you need a regular processing since it is much more reliable and faster basically.

Due to the maintenance of our university's power facility, some WeOCR servers are due to be temporarily unavailable on Aug. 28, 2016. The services will resume soon after the maintenance work.

[June 15, 2012]
WeOCR-toolkit ver.0.14 has been released.

[Sept. 7, 2011]
In order to reduce confusions and gain a higher compatibility with some recent applications, the language code has been changed from ISO639-2 to ISO639-3. This change would affect to the server search functions.

[Sept. 7, 2011]
A new WeOCR-compatible server OCRextrACT has arrived.

[May 3, 2010]
WWWJDIC for Android - Android frontend for Jim Breen's WWWJDIC is using WeOCR services. (Thanks, Nikolay.)

[Feb 8, 2010]
C'est What? - A mobile OCR & translation app for iPhone and Android is using WeOCR services. (Thanks, David.)

[Jan 13, 2010]
Maggie, one of our WeOCR servers, now supports "single character recognition" mode.

[Jan 13, 2010]
Android applications Kanji Yomi and Eigo Yomi are both using WeOCR services. (Thanks, inda3)

[Aug 23, 2009]
WordSnap OCR - Proof-of-concept application for word input using camera on Android has been released. It uses WeOCR services. (Thanks, Spiros.)

Dear developers,
You can help visually disabled people through WeOCR. See here:


WeOCR is a platform for Web-enabled OCR (Optical Character Reader/Recognition) systems that enables people to use character recognition over networks. A WeOCR server receives document images from users, recognize texts in the images, and return recognition results to the users. WeOCR does not have its own character recognition engine. Instead, it is intended to accommodate various character recognition engines. WeOCR provides a simplified user interface so that more people can benefit from OCR easily.

Although some people would worry about the privacy of their documents, we think there are still a lot of applications of OCR in which privacy does not matter. We hope WeOCR will expand the range of OCR applications further.



WeOCR-toolkit has the following features.




The license is the Apache License, Version 2.0.
(An MIT-X derivative applies to weocr-toolkit-0.12 and older.)

You don't need to open the source codes of your OCR engine to the public, if you wish so.


Recent changes

[Jun 15, 2012]
  • WeOCR-toolkit ver.0.14 has been released.
[Apr 26, 2009]
  • WeOCR-toolkit ver.0.13 has been released.
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